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Statement from QCYD’s LGBT and Foreign Policy Caucuses on Crisis in Chechnya


We, the LGBT Caucus of Queens County Young Democrats, in conjunction with the Foreign Policy Caucus and with the support of RUSA LGBT make this statement to condemn the attacks on LGBTQ Chechens and to urge all those who are outraged to join us not only in moral condemnation, but in action.

Many of us are privileged to live in welcoming places where we can express ourselves without fear of retribution or physical violence. It was not always this way. There was a time in our country where those who were LGBTQ lived lifetimes in silence and fear. The activists who came before us fought heroically to ensure that many of us who live today can live out and proud. It is their work we owe everything to, and we hope to keep their legacies alive by fighting for LGBT rights at home and abroad.

The situation in Chechnya necessitates action, to guarantee LGBTQ Chechens someday have the same opportunities and the same safety and security that many of us now take for granted. Their torture, abuse, and ruthless persecution has become too dire to ignore.

  1. We ask all who are able, both allies and members of the LGBTQ community alike, to attend “Brighton Beach Pride” on May 20th at 12 pm at The Brighton Beach Boardwalk, to show solidarity with the Russian-American LGBTQ community and to stand by those at RUSA LGBT who work on behalf of the Russian-American LGBTQ community. Go to facebook.com/RUSA.LGBT
  2. We ask all who are able to donate to LGBT Network, a group which helps LGBT refugees escape Russia and Chechnya. The activists who run this group are risking their lives on a daily basis. LGBTNET.ORG/EN
  3. We ask all who are able to speak out, to share this letter on Twitter, Facebook, and all other forms of social media. Please, use the tag #Chechnya100 and #RussianConsulate to help this reach a wider audience and connect with international efforts to support those persecuted and let them know they have allies across the ocean.

There is much work to be done in our own country, and in our own city. But we cannot ignore the suffering of others simply because they are far away. By signing this statement, we not only show our solidarity with LGBTQ Chechens, but we compel each other to act against injustice whenever and wherever it is found.

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RUSA LGBT - Russian-Speaking American LGBT Association

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